Book Review: Life According to Freddie Flintoff

Gursimran Hans
2 min readJun 28, 2020

Life According to Freddie Flintoff sees Flintoff discuss quite a few aspects of his life.

He talks about growing up in Preston playing cricket and chess, his cricket career, his time as a boxer, his media work, his showbiz work, family life and life in general.

It is quite honestly, a gripping and captivating read. Flintoff is brutally honest about himself and at times, downright hilarious. Particularly amusing is a prank involving an alarm clock he plays on David Lloyd whilst on tour in Pakistan.

Flintoff has achieved a lot in his life and he tells the reader the most important thing is to just give it a go, this mantra is repeated throughout the book.

Perhaps quite interesting is his chapter on conspiracy theories, he explains he just doesn’t know with a few major ones, and this poses food for thought for me reading. I am quite amazed at quite a lot of conspiracy theories, that they are people who believe them, but I did make me think in future if I ever get into a debate or argument, what sort of things would best to say?

The review of this book is quite short, because it’s a shorter book and I really do wish it was longer, having read a Zlatan Ibrahimovic biography in the past, I think fans of him would appreciate Flintoff’s entry. A hilarious, thought-provoking and inspiring read.

Rating — 5/5 stars.

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